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There’s benefits to partnerships!

There’s benefits to partnerships!

Today is day 10 of the Afrobloggers challenge is all about brand partnerships. I skipped day 9, so I’m feeling somewhat guilty. I have decided that for day 10, I would go a step further and rather than name just one brand that I’d love to work with, I’ll give you 3!

Brand partnerships offer mutual opportunities to both parties. There are a number of brands who I feel would align extremely well with my values. However the following 3 named brands mean a lot to me, and I’ll tell you why.

Ethiopian Airlines

A rather painful fact that I’ve been acutely aware of over the years, is the absence of a national carrier for my home country: Nigeria. The story of why this bothers me so much relates to the fact that my first ever experience on an aeroplane was with the now defunct Nigerian Airways. It’s hard to believe that a country as populous and wealthy as Nigeria, struggles to maintain an airline.

With more than 70 years under its belt, Ethiopian Airlines is one of the leading carriers in Africa. It is no small feat that they are the fastest growing Airline in Africa. They even hold the milestone of being the first African airline to have 100+ aircrafts in its fleet!

It’s probably becoming clear why Ethiopian airways is one of my brand partnerships of choice. I am a proud African, and when I see African companies thriving, it brings an unspeakable level of pride. I couldn’t help on my visit to Addis Ababa in 2019, taking a photograph with the model plane outside the Ethiopian Skylight Hotel. When you see others achieving success, you celebrate with them!

Travel Tov speaking into existence a brand partnership deal with Ethiopian Airlines


I have travelled to Israel exactly 24 times. Yes, you read that right. On 2 dozen occasions, I have flown to the Holy Land. At times I take on the role of a tourist, whilst at other times I feel like a pilgrim. Either way, I see Israel as my spiritual home. It may come as no surprise if I tell you that I plan to continue making these annual trips to Israel. I won’t use this post to detail my wanderings in Israel as you can read about that here.

Instead, I say all this to say that it would make sense that one of my brand partnership dreams would be to work with iTravelJerusalem. I’d love to see more and more people make the trip to Israel, so they can experience what I have been privileged to.

Dr shamarel on the walls of the Old City, Jerusalem

World Nomads

It is only fair that I fantasise about partnering with World Nomads. A travel company that is as passionate about travel as I am. Just to share a little bit about this organisation, they offer free downloadable travel guides, they encourage responsible travel and offer travel opportunities in the form of writing and photography competitions.

I won’t say too much other than, if anyone has a connection….make it happen! ✊🏾😜😂

I secured my first partnership deal this yea. It was an exciting moment for me and one I very much looked forward to. Due to Coronavirus, the event was postponed. I say this as a reminder that dreams do come true, so if there is a brand you’d love to work with, never stop dreaming. You never know, it might just happen.

Gidi Fest 2020

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