3 things African Content Creators should avoid

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3 things African Content Creators should avoid

Of all of the blog post titles that the afrobloggers challenge has suggested, today’s title has probably been the most challenging so far.

I’m supposed to write about three things that I wish African bloggers could avoid. The first thing that came to my mind was African content creators not feeling pigeonholed into particular categories. But after giving it some thought, I don’t feel that this is the case. I’ve been privileged to read blog posts from many bloggers, and the diversity in content has been huge. From reading about Ugandan diaspora upliftment to opinion pieces from a Gambian writer, I feel that I have no real advice about what content creators should do.

Content creation, is just that, it is the creation of content and as much as possible bloggers should feel free to express themselves in the most authentic way possible. Offering my own suggestions as to what they should and shouldn’t do, feels hard.

In my experience, African content creators are some of the most talented and creative in the blogger community. So instead, I’d like to share what I wish for content creators to continue doing.

I wish for African bloggers to 

1. Keep speaking authentically about their experiences. As cliche as it may sound, it is both refreshing and necessary to hear stories that are void of, what I call, overfiltering.

2. Remember the value in their niche and continue with it. There is nothing wrong with the niche you have chosen. If you don’t get the hits you’d like, or a certain amount of comments don’t fear. Maybe the challenge is opening up your presence to new platforms to share your work more widely. Your niche was chosen for a reason so embrace it!

3. build a community amongst fellow bloggers. Afrobloggers is doing an amazing job of advocating and promoting merging voices in Africa. I’d love to see more of that approach, in order to strengthen and uplift the African blogging community.

In the spirit of building a community of bloggers why not check out my last post where I shoutout some British Nigerian Bloggers who inspire me through their work.

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