5 Tips for Backpacking Italy

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5 Tips for Backpacking Italy

Who wouldn’t want to visit the stunning Italy? This was on my bucket list and I did it before COVID and my golly, I am so happy that I did. As I travelled through Italy I picked up some tricks along the way! With that said, let’s get into this week’s post!

Looking for your sign to visit Italy? Check out my last post on the captivating Cinque Terre, where I sorta….. got stuck, I mean i just stayed! If that doesn’t make you want to go, check out my Must See’s in Venice! Given, the context of our world right now, every country requires some sort of travel insurance. Check out The Travel Insurance master who offer’s great plans for travelling outside of your home country. The process is really easy and they provide different options depending on your country and age/medical status.

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Travel Light

This is a no brainer, but some people overlook this thought.. When i say travel Light, I mean bring one of everything and things you can purchase along the way should be. Would you all be interested in seeing whats in my Backpack when I start a journey? If interested let me know in the comments below.

Take the Local Train (Italia Tren)

I pretty much relied on this to get all throughout Italy, it was super affordable and the route was very easy to navigate to get from Point A all the way to Point B. Not to mention, the train was very clean and safety was not an issue. Not to mention, there is also FREE CANCELLATION for all tickets and you pretty much do not have to worry about “First Class” issues because the trains are frequent and typically all seats are the same.

Download the Rick Steves Audio App

I dont care what anyone says, this app saved my damn BANK !!! When i tell you I went from worrying about how to afford all the tours, to living my finest life! and the best part… the app was totally FREE! You can get tours from the Colosseum, Roman Forum, to the Sistine Chapel.

Purchase Lunch from the Grocery Store

From breakfast hostels to purchasing lunch from the grocery store it all worked out to be cheaper. A typical lunch for myself was picking up some sliced meat, bread, bottle of wine, cheese and ya girl had a 5 star meal that kept me full and my pockets happy! Purchasing from the grocery was a nice way to save some coin on my journey and would cost me roughly $10 a day.


In Italy, you can pretty much walk everywhere if you dont feel like taking the Regional Train or Local Train. I usually walked all around and i got well over 10,000 steps in but it also saved me money for transportation I didn’t have to use. Yes, not everyone can walk but if you can I highly suggest you do and theres not many uphills and you can also download an app for offline maps. Check out my post on the must have app’s for backpacking!

If you’ve made it this far… as always thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next post! With love,

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