Introducing the Turbion Carrera Excellence Day-Date (Gold and Black)

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Introducing the Turbion Carrera Excellence Day-Date (Gold and Black)

What up y’all! Been a minute.

It’s not often I’m surprised when I pick up a watch for the first time these days. Being in circles with a lot of watch aficionados, I’ve had the opportunity to hold and wear all types of watches.

But when my friends from Turbion Carrera reached out to me and asked me to review one of their pieces from the Excellence Day-Date collection, I was happy to do so. And it was there that I was surprised for the first time in a long time.

Turbion Carrera’s done it again. Nowadays, I lean towards simplicity before everything else. I’ve tried the big face timepieces, diamond encrusted bezels, even, and quickly found that wasn’t for me.

I’m looking for simplicity and class, but at the same time, an eye-catching accessory that’s hard to miss. And the Turbion Carrera Excellence Day Date is just that.

Let’s start with the case. I was taken aback by the box that the timepiece came in. Real wood, glossy finish. Picking up a timepiece like this and the case that it comes in makes a real difference.

I love the black face dial; it’s simple and clean, with the numbers 3, 6, 9. There’s a day display and a date display as well at 3 o’clock. The gold markings and accents really drive the understated dial home.

The engraving of the words “Hustle” and “Motivate” inside the gold ring of the watch also stand out. A simple reminder of what you need to do and what you need to be, on a daily basis. The words repeat all around the ring.

The band is made of real leather, and you can feel the difference against your skin. To me, a good band is what separates watches from the pack; I’ve worn too many watches with faux leather that frays easily. This timepiece is not that.

A flip of the watch will reveal a see-through, glass bottom that reveals an oscillating rotor; wearing the watch converts wrist movement to energy and allows for an efficient power reserve of a few days. What also stands out is the engraved text on the bottom ring – reminding you of the watch’s capabilities and features with classy font in capital lettering.

And while I’ve never been a “swim with your nice watch on”, it’s worth mentioning that it’s water-resistant to a depth of up to 5 meters.

There’s a lot to like about the Turbion Carrera Excellence collection. The look is understated, timeless and elegant. The watch feels natural and elevates your wrist; I’m already brainstorming some outfits and looks that I can wear with it.

It’s definitely a dinner and date watch; or a great timepiece when meeting with important executives.

I highly recommend you look into and add to your collection.

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