[VIDEO] KJP Makes Her Greatest “Freudian Slip” Yet… Ha Ha Ha!

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[VIDEO] KJP Makes Her Greatest “Freudian Slip” Yet… Ha Ha Ha!

The Biden admin is in some serious trouble, thanks to all the scandals piling up for Grandpa Tapioca. And the one person whom he needs to be flawless and perfectly on point and messaging, is a total and complete mess. KJP is no “Jen Psaki,” that’s for darn sure. She tries to lie like a professional, but she fumbles and bumbles a lot and it’s making an already bleak situation for incompetent Team Biden even worse… and things are getting so bad for KJP, that she’s now making some really hilarious “Freudian slips”

But right now, the Biden admin isn’t laughing over their big messaging problem…

The AP reported that Biden’s team has faced criticism for its fragmented disclosures about the documents, occasionally leading to heated exchanges between reporters and Jean-Pierre in the White House briefing room.

She ran into trouble when she suggested last Friday that all documents had been recovered, only to have an additional discovery disclosed over the weekend.

“Are you upset that you came out to this podium on Friday with incomplete and inaccurate information?” one reporter asked Jean-Pierre on Tuesday. “And are you concerned that it affects your credibility up here?”

Jean-Pierre responded by saying that “what I’m concerned about is making sure that we do not politically interfere in the Department of Justice,” describing the situation as an “ongoing process.”

Earlier in the briefing, Jean-Pierre said she was trying to be “prudent” with what information she shares.

“I’m going to let this ongoing review that is happening, this legal process that is happening, and let that process continue under the special counsel,” she said.

There’s a long history of administrations deflecting about ongoing probes. Scott McClellan, who represented President George W. Bush’s White House, and Mike McCurry, who did the same for President Bill Clinton, frequently punted questions elsewhere rather than provide their own commentary.

Davis also said he doesn’t blame the White House for favoring some words over others.

“You use the word ‘review’ instead of ‘investigation.’ I’ve done it hundreds of times on behalf of clients,” he said. “Why do I not use the word ‘investigate?’ Because it’s harsher. It’s an understandable choice to use a softer word.”

It’s actually called “propaganda” and “manipulation,” and whomever doe this, on either side, are liars and propaganda artists.

Many insiders think KJP is on her last leg, and her days are numbered, and after this hilarious slip up, she could be out the door sooner than you think…


That’s probably the first truthful thing this liar has ever said.