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5 Things to Do in Lisbon

Hello Travelies, You know I love you! What a year 2022 was. Seeing as this is my first post into 2023. Happy New Year, may this year bring you a year of travel and money. I’m currently multi-tasking with this post as I am uploading some auditions. I wanted to bring you a post of 5 Things to Do in Lisbon, Portugal!

Last summer, I escaped for over a month travelling throughout Europe, and as I am the self-proclaimed 5 Thing lady, Im bringing that to you! This year, i’m hoping to stay on-top of everything. Naturally, Im wondering if a transfer to Tik-tok is worth it. Not sure yet, but Have you seen me on TikTok? Lately, i’ve been double posting there my posts so be sure to check it out!

With all this said, lets get into the post!

1. Take a Free- Walking Tour!

Lisbon, has so much to offer that simply doing it in one day is not enough but I wanted to include it on five things to do because in and itself a free-walking tour of the centre of Lisbon will give you so much to do so much to see and so much to eat. You can take a free walking tour by your hostel that you’re staying at. Which will typically offer a free walking tour in the morning. However, what I preferably did is that I found a website that had a great walking to work and I followed that. But there is also an app which I am going to post in one of my future postings of all the apps that made me survive Portugal while I was down there.

2. Eat Pastel De Nada

When, I tell you i was filled with these pasteries and sangria I am not kidding. Pastel De Nada, is a rich egg custard nestled in shatteringly crisp pastry! You can get them just about anywhere for really cheap. But, the main places I highly recommend are: Fábrica da Nata, and Manteigaria. I promise, you cannot go wrong with these places.

3. Praça do Comércio

The best thing about Lisbon is that you can walk literally anywhere in everywhere which means you’re gonna have to invest in a really good pair of shoes I highly suggest that you purchase TVs you can click the link here this is where I purchased them or where you can wear your Birkenstocks. However keep in mind that in Lisbon everything is uphill so as much as it’s a very easy walk your thighs and your bum will be burning by the end of the night.

Praca do Comerico, a large, harbour-facing plaza in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, and is one of the largest in Portugal. Its worth the visit, as you can start your walking here. Please come back for my post on the apps I used, which saved me so much money!

4. Eat

While this so cliche, especially for Portugal.. Im not kidding this is one of the BEST things to do! I had certain restaurants on repeat… Such as, Frangasqueira Nacional. I could cry writing about this place. The chicken was so good. Also, be sure to try seafood everything and more than just the codfish.

*Tip* Look for restaurants away from tourist spots, I found that those places did NOT have authentic cuisine.

5. Barro Alto

This is the “bar strip” at night. If you’re into this then this is the perfect place for you! At night you have so many options! Now… You can walk up this hill… or take the Tram. Depending on the heat.. and your back and knee’s… Id say Take the tram, it’s a lovely and great experience of a ride up! and walk downhill

I’m hoping this post gave you some insight to the wonders of Lisbon! Like for Part 2!

Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you in my next post, xoxo.

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