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The Best Apps for Europe

Hello Travelies! I am so excited to bring you this post because there was no way I was able to survive Europe without the apps that I’m going to share. I often thought that people just went to Europe and they kind of figured it out by themselves but me being the green coloured person that I am and a Virgo I needed some sort of organization and that looks like downloading apps! In the past, I made this specific post which until today I still use many of the apps! In fact, many of the OG apps in my original post are what I used this time. These ones mentioned today, are more supplementary

So you already know me and how I typically write my post I don’t do all the typing tip that black chatter chatter I just get straight into it so for today’s post I am bringing you the best apps for Europe that ultimately save me money and it got me through Europe as a solo female black traveller!

*I’ve posted explanations left to right.

1. Portuguese

Now, I’ve been able to pick up the language and speak it good enough to get me to Point A and Point B. But Portuguese !!!! Lawdddd It tested my strength lol. I downloaded this app for free, because i wanted to listen to be able to understand what people were telling me even if I couldn’t repeat it haha! But, I did learn good morning, afternoon, how much, and where to! Its a great app to have to help you read signs as well.

2. GPSmyCity

Wow! Okay Where was this back in Asia!!!!! (Assuming it works there). I used this practically everywhere in order to do free- walking tours. Last week, I made a post which talked about 5 Things to Do in Lisbon, and this app can help you! Words can’t explain how GOOD this app is!. Now you can get a free trial and download it to have offline, however I forgot to cancel and now I have it for a whole year for $5.00 which is totally worth it.

The app breaks down where to go, what to eat! This + my tips! You’re sure to save DOLLAZ

3. Trainline

This is pretty basic, and a must have. Trainline allows you to plan your trips and book tickets for trains! I used this a lot when trying to get city to city. I will be using this again in the summer. It also holds your tickets for you similar to the apple wallet.

4. EMT Ticket

This is a ticket purchaser again. If you don’t have cash or coin for specific trams or trains. You can purchase the ticket on this app and you’re good to go when they check for tickets. Just being aware some places may only accept the coin.

5. Omio

Yea… Omio is like your one-stop shop for all things transportation. It lets you know the routes and what you need to take. It also includes the time.. and its very easy to refund and get your money back. You can purchase your tickets here as well.

I also offer free travel help! if interested just leave a comment below and we can get in contact! I also wrote a post on how to start your adventure, as well as tips to find cheap flights. I got you covered for everything!

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*Please note, some links are affiliate links and I receive a small commission. Thank you so much for your support.

If you’ve made it this far…

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next post!

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