Men should know: Why flowers are important in a woman’s life.

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Men should know: Why flowers are important in a woman’s life.

This article is a short guide for men who are confused about why flowers are so important for women, their well-being, and their good relationships.

Today you will read about why it is important to use flower delivery if you are on holiday with your lady in Dubai. And what flowers are best to give for a specific occasion.

Why do women love flowers?

Flowers are an amazing gift from nature. Touching and tender, strong and disarming – each plant has its own magic, unique aroma, and mood.

Flowers have special strong energy and are able to influence human emotions. When a man gives a bouquet to his mother, wife, or girlfriend, he expresses his confirmation of love. And it is important for women to receive such confirmation regularly.

Therefore, we advise all men to give their women blue roses or any other bouquet of flowers made by florists from a solid flower shop.

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A man’s view of flowers

Many men consider floral arrangements to be an impractical gift: a good bouquet made by a professional artist is not cheap, but it will last about two to one and a half weeks. With the same money, you can buy, for example, a kitchen appliance, dishes, or a bottle of wine. Why waste it in vain?

But the truth of life is that on the eve of the holidays, most people still go to florist shops. Flowers really have an amazing effect on women: the face lights up, sparkles appear in the eyes, and the mood is 100%.

Most often men give:

● Roses. These are universal flowers that almost all women like.

● Gerberas. Bright and stylish flowers that last a long time and give a summer mood.

● Orchids. Leader among exotic flora. Flowers come in a huge variety of shades: you can always choose the one that is ideal for the situation.

● Chrysanthemums. Long-lived with an unusual aroma. The inflorescences of these plants emit solar energy and fill the entire space around them.

How do women see flowers?

If a man gives flowers, a woman perceives it as a nonverbal compliment. Find time, spend money on a bouquet that will inevitably wither, and choose to package – and all for the sake

of the smile that the gift will bring. This says a lot: he is ready to give “impractical” gifts for the sake of a few minutes of communication.

Accessories, jewelry, and gadgets are obligatory and sometimes embarrassing. But a bouquet – even the most luxurious – leaves freedom of choice. You can accept such a gift even if you do not plan to continue communicating with the person in the future.

What do psychologists say about colors?

From a psychological point of view, flowers are a great start to a romantic relationship. They have a beneficial effect on health, reduce stress levels, and increase creativity. When a person receives a bouquet as a gift, the level of oxytocin in his blood increases. This hormone provokes the release of endorphins – mood improves, and the level of mistrust decreases (this is the conclusion reached by psychologists from G. Rutgers University in New Jersey).

This is why psychologists recommend giving flowers to those you care about more often. This contributes to a stronger relationship as a couple. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, just a few days, or whether you’ve been married for 20 years.

How to give flowers?

It is not so much the bouquet itself that is important, but how you present it. Flowers mechanically handed to a girl, without pleasant words and eye contact, are unlikely to have an effect. You need to look him in the eye and give the gift with all your heart: as if you are giving away a piece of your heart with it. Be tactful: no need to ask if you liked the surprise. Wait until the woman herself expresses her impression of the bouquet.

The modern world is too practical and rational. Therefore, it won’t hurt to brighten up the gray days with beautiful gifts: fresh flowers are an ideal option.

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