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Harry Brown BasketBall

Toronto Basketball Legend Harry Brown

There’s been much made over the last few years about The Carter Effect and there’s no doubt that it’s a real, tangible thing. Many of the 17 Canadian players that are in the NBA at the moment were mesmerized by what Vince Carter did while he was in a Raptors’ uniform and it inspired them. But when they went to the gym to try to duplicate those moves, the coaches and players there played the more direct and ground-level role in nurturing talent. For that pre-Raptors era of young players, Harry Brown and people like him were all that they had.

Naomi Osaka

Dr. Fauci E-Mail Scandal

On Tuesday, the Washington Post exposed Dr. Anthony Fauci and Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention Director George Gao’s private emails, showing a very “cozy” relationship

Seed Money Black Farmers

Seed Money Black Farmers

Ietef Vita had planned to spend most of 2020 on the road, promoting “Biomimicz,” the album the rapper had released on his #plantbasedrecords label in January. Vita, known to his fans as “DJ Cavem Moetavation” and “Chef Ietef,” had those plans unexpectedly cut short.

“We were in Berkeley, California, on Feb. 29, playing there and literally got out of town right before they shut the whole country down,” recalled Vita, 34, who has performed for the Obamas and is widely considered the father of what’s known as eco-hip-hop. “It was scary.”

International Black Food & Wine Festival

International Black Food & Wine Festival

On the heels of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival’s annual weekend of dining and drinking, a new event is in the works. This one promises a spotlight on the culinary diversity and talents of the Black community.

Starex Smith — AKA the Hungry Black Man — is planning the International Black Food & Wine Festival, set for Juneteenth weekend 2022 in Miami.

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